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A Force for Positive Change - Adult Probation



Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole

Sexual Offender Supervision Program

Special Offender Case Plan

Programming / Treatment 
_____ You must successfully enroll, participate in, and complete a program for sex offenders approved by the Court.

Program _________________________ 
Telephone Number _______________ 
Contact by _____________________

_____ You must maintain use of prescribed medications. 
_____ Other

Alcohol and Drug 
_____ You may not use alcohol. 
_____ You may not frequent bars, taverns, and businesses whose primary function is to serve alcoholic beverages. 
_____ You may not associate with alcohol and drug abusers. 
_____ You will attend and successfully complete an alcohol and/or drug treatment program. 
_____ Other

_____ You may not associate with ex-felons unless they are in treatment with you and the therapist and PO approve of your affiliation. 
_____ You must inform all persons with whom you have a significant relationship or close affiliation of your sexual offending history. Therapist and/or PO will determine who shall be informed. 
_____ You may not participate in friendships or relationships with women/men who have children. 
_____ You may not socialize with individuals under the age of 16 in work or social situations unless accompanied by a responsible adult (approved by your therapist and/or PO) who is aware of your sexual abusive pattern. 
_____ You may not engage in activities that will bring you in close contact with children. 
_____ Other

_____ You are required to meet with your probation/parole officer at least four (4) times per month 
_____ You are required to give your PO search and seizure privileges to confiscate drugs, erotica, and pornography. 
_____ You must maintain a daily journal (including such items as daily activities, fantasies, etc.). 
_____ You must participate in a plethysmographic examination to determine your sexual arousal to abusive themes. These examinations will be periodic upon the therapist's request. 
_____ Other

_____ You must maintain a driving log (mileage; time of departure, arrival & return; destination; routes traveled; with whom, etc.). 
_____ You may not pick up hitchhikers. 
_____ You must comply with specified limitations on driving, i.e., not driving at night, not driving alone, not driving at key times, not driving with female passengers, etc., depending upon your individual criminal history and offense patterns. 
_____ You may not drive with a female unless there is a specific reason, for example a prearranged date whose name, address, and phone number you have reported to your PO and/or therapist. 
_____ Other

Victim Contact 
_____ You may not have any contact with the victim(s) (including letters, phone calls, tapes, videos, visits, or any form of contact through a third party) until approved by your Judge, therapist, the victim (and the victim's parents if the victim is a child), and the victim's therapist. 
_____ You (as an incest offender) may not have visitation with the victim unless approved by your Judge, therapist, the victim, the victim's therapist, and the Children and Youth Services agency. 
_____ Other

Offense-Specific Conditions 
_____ You may not view videotapes, films, or television shows that are geared towards your modus operandi, act as a stimulus for your abusive cycle, or act as a stimulus to arouse you in an abusive fashion, i.e., pedophiles may not view shows whose primary character is a child. 
_____ You may not use pornography, erotica: you may not frequent adult book stores, sex shops, topless bars, massage parlors, etc. 
_____ You may not frequent places where children congregate, i.e., parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. 
_____ Since you have photographed your victims in the past, you may not possess a camera or video recorder. 
_____ Other

Daily Living 
_____ You must reside in a residence approved by your PO. 
_____ You must maintain full-time school and/or employment. 
_____ Your employer must be approved by your PO and therapist. 
_____ Other

_____ You must observe curfew restrictions. 
_____ Other

Client _____________________________________  
Date ______________________

Probation/Parole Officer _____________________________     
Date ______________________

Probation/Parole Supervisor __________________________  
Date ______________________

Administrative Office:

Central Bucks Unit:

55 East Court Street, 7th Floor
Bucks County Courthouse
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: (215) 348-6634
Fax: (215) 348-6691

55 East Court Street, 7th Floor
Bucks County Courthouse
Doylestown, PA 18901
Phone: (215) 348-6102
Fax: (215) 348-6253



Lower Bucks Units:

Upper Bucks Unit:

600 Louis Drive, Suite 100
Warminster, PA  18974
Phone: (215) 444-2600
Fax: (215) 444-2602

261 California Drive, Suite 3
Government Services Center
Quakertown, PA 18951
Phone: (215) 529-7081
Fax: (215) 529-7138