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Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole

General Supervision

The majority of Bucks County residents placed on probation or parole supervision by the Court are supervised by general supervision officers who meet the offender in the community, refer to needed services and monitor an offender's compliance to the order of the Court. The Bucks County Adult Probation and Parole Department has 31 officers performing general supervision.

Departamento de Libertad Condicional Adulta del Condado de Bucks

Es el mandamiento judicial de! Tribunal de Alegatos Comunes del Condado de Bucks que Ud. se confonna con las reglas y condiciones siguientes de libe.

The rules and regulations of General Supervision are as follows: 

1. I will report to my Probation/Parole Officer as directed and permit this officer to visit me at my home or place of employment.

2. I will respond promptly to any summons to appear at Court or the Office of the Probation-Parole Department. My travel is limited to adjoining Counties within Pa. Any travel beyond those Counties, out of State, or overnight travel must be approved by my Probation/Parole Officer.

3. I will comply with all Federal, State, and local laws. If I am arrested or have contact with law enforcement authorities during supervision, I will notify my officer by the next working day. I will comply with all terms and conditions included in a Protection From Abuse Order.

4. I will report any change of address immediately to my Officer.

5. I will make every effort to obtain and hold a legitimate job and support my dependents. I will report promptly to my officer any change in my employment status.

6. I am forbidden to use, possess, or distribute Controlled Substances and/or dangerous drugs. I will abstain from the excessive use of alcohol.

7. I will voluntarily submit urine, blood or breath tests as requested.

8. I will not own, use, or possess and type of lethal weapons.

9. I will pay all fines, costs, supervision fees and restitution in monthly installments as directed by the Probation/Parole Officer. Court costs, fines and supervision fees are paid tot he Clerk of Courts Office, Criminal Division, 55 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. Restitution is paid to Bucks County Adult Probation Department, 55 East Court Street, Doylestown, PA 18901. Include Bill Nos._____________________ on all court costs, fine, supervision fee, and restitution payments.

10. I understand that the Adult Probation/Parole Department has the authority to search my person, place of residence, or vehicle without a warrant, if there is reasonable cause.

11. I will not enter into any agreement to act as an informant or a special agent of a law enforcement agency without the permission of the Probation/Parole Department.

12. I will not physically or verbally threaten, nor engage in religious, ethnic, or racial intimidation toward any Probation/Parole Officer.

13. I will abide by the Case Plan, which will be developed by my Probation/Parole Officer. I am aware that I will be given the opportunity for input into the plan.

14. I will also comply with the following special conditions imposed by the Court: _________________________________________.

I will keep in mind that I am conditionally released and the Court may at any time revoke my probation or paroles for cause. I am aware that should I violate probation or parole, the Bucks County Adult Probation Department has the authority to return me to Prison pending a Violation Hearing. I am further aware that if I am convicted of a new offense during my probation or parole period I will be brought back before the Court for a Violation Hearing.

* Important * 
It is the order of the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas that you shall comply with the rules and conditions of Probation and Parole.

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