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Domestic Violence Protocol
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Domestic Violence Protocol 

Brief Program Description:

1. The Domestic Violence (DV) Supervision Program was approved for implementation on April 3, 2000. The program focuses on those who are convicted of crimes against intimate partners and related children. In 2003 we developed a DV Protocol and all Officers now Supervise Domestic Violence Offenders. 

2. Offenders supervised by the DV Protocol will be Court Ordered to the program

3. Acts of violence by those under supervision will not be tolerated.

4. Special Rules beyond the traditional rules of General Supervision include the following:

  • No Alcohol
  • Child Support Compliance will be monitored
  • Address change is not permitted without approval
  • Batterer Intervention Programming
  • Treatment, Counseling or Education as necessary

5. Possible sanctions listed:

  • Community Service
  • Curfew
  • Short-term incarceration
  • limited travel
  • limited victim contact

If agreed upon, victims will be contacted regularly.

6. Possession or presence of weapons will not be tolerated.

7. Close coordination and regular meetings will be held with Batterer Intervention Service Providers, Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health and other treatment Providers, as well as A Woman's Place.

8. Probation Officers will meet regularly with local Police Departments for sharing information on Domestic Violence clients.

9. All DV Supervision staff receives extensive and ongoing training in understanding the dynamics of Domestic Violence, Supervision Strategies with DV cases, comprehensive knowledge of resources for DV cases, as well as constantly coordinating with the many agencies and departments responding to Domestic Violence.

The quality of these services and community-based supervision for this program is built upon the latest understandings of Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Intervention. In giving substance to the department's basic mission, enhancing victim protection and victim empowerment are goals of the Domestic Violence program. Supervision strategies will focus on client accountability and client behavior change. Swift, sure and appropriate response to offender non-compliance will be crucial. Essentials in supervising these clients will include good client assessment instruments and many collateral community contacts. Good coordination of our supervision services with providers of Batterer Intervention Services and other appropriate treatment intervention providers will be also be indispensable in supervising clients and monitoring their compliance.

Note: By early 2004, all Officers in the department will be supervising offenders sentenced to the Domestic Violence Supervision Program.

No more than 50% of an officer's workload will be DV supervision cases.

If you are the victim, there are services available free of charge through A Woman's Place. In addition, the Bucks County Violence Prevention Resource Directory has information and phone numbers as well.

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