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Domestic Relations

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Effective June 1, 2020, all Domestic Relations establishment conferences and hearings are conducted by telephone.  Parties will receive notice in the mail of all scheduled events.

BCDRS directs clients to contact the Client Service Unit at 215-340-8068, or email their inquiries to CSBucks@PACSES.com, to have their support questions addressed.  Clients are also encouraged to utilize the Child Support website and Bucks County Domestic Relations website to answer frequently asked questions. 

BCDRS places Frequently Used Documents on this website for clients to use.  The forms include Defendant Payment Options, Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, Payment Instructions, Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Information Sheet, and Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Summary Form. 

If you wish to apply for support services, go to www.childsupport.state.pa.us.

Support Conferences

Bucks County Domestic Relations Section establishes support orders based on both parties’ incomes.

Parties are required to attend a Support Conference and provide income and expense sheets, 6-months of pay stubs, last filed income tax returns, and documentation of additional expenses.

Parties' communication and cooperation is essential.

The goal of a Support Conference is an agreed order based on the PA Guideline calculations. If parties cannot agree, the matter is scheduled for a Court Hearing for entry of an order. An order contains terms regarding the support amount, arrears payment, health insurance coverage, child care costs, school tuition, and/or mortgage. Order amounts are based on parties’ combined net incomes.

Unreimbursed medical expenses do not include cosmetic, chiropractic, psychiatric or psychological expenses unless specified in the support order.

Continuance requests must be made in writing prior to the conference and must note the position of the other side. Do not assume the conference will be continued. The officer will make a decision and notify parties and counsel. 

Bring all documentation to the conference verifying income, expenses, and health insurance. 

In a new or modification matter, if parties are both legally represented, the attorney(s) may submit agreement terms or a stipulation, as long as a petition has been filed. If only one party is legally represented, or neither party is legally represented, a conference must be held and guideline calculations must be completed. A copy of orders made on the record in divorce proceedings must be sent to Domestic Relations for the order to be entered or modified. All agreements must state the order is payable through Bucks County Domestic Relations.

A request for a telephone conference must be made prior to the conference and all income information and contact information must be received before the request will be considered. Approval is at the discretion of the Officer.

Parties may represent themselves or hire an attorney. Only parties and attorneys can attend conferences.

Get Informed

Being informed allows you to make quality decisions about support.

Domestic Relations 
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